A little help grows a long way

Using our resources deliberately is the way to a clean future.
The basic idea behind the Oxyprogram is that we recognise natural cycles and the constant renewal of Nature. It is an innovative solution to embrace renewable resources which are becoming increasingly important, and pave the way for a sustainable future. The Oxyprogram connects various enviromental initiatives (eg. wind, solar, hydro projects, community tree planting, etc.), large and small, and multiplies their positive impact.
Green projects worldwide
The Oxyprogram draws attention to the importance of embracing renewable energy projects because they are just as vital for us today as for future generations. The diversity of projects you can support through our program shows that whatever their geographical location or size, such projects are equally important from a climate protection aspect.
"The Oxyprogram is an innovative business concept which can create positive changes, providing an opportunity for a better life... and not only locally, but also globally."
Ria Kamras
Co-Founder, Strategic Director
Carbon Solutions Global
Our community plantations
Our program is unique in that we have been creating huge community Oxytree plantations as a thank you to those supporting green projects. The Oxytree purifies the air by binding carbon dioxide, generates large amounts of oxygen, and produces environmentally friendly industrial raw material. You get a certain percentage of the proceeds from the timber produced by our plantations. One of the amazing features of the Oxytree is that it re-grows so Nature is not harmed either.
In harmony with Nature
The Oxyprogram is a system which operates much like a natural cycle, and so it is beneficial in many ways. It gives the green projects that are important to you a chance to grow. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy the benefits from the Oxytrees planted on your behalf in one of our Oxytree plantations. Maintaining our plantations is a job opportunity for many families who can thus earn their livelihood. At the same time, we build a foundation for coming generations so they can generate clean air.

The Oxyprogram demonstrates that environmental protection can be self-supporting, and even profitable both for the individual and society. Nature always gives back what you invest, and more.