Invest in the future

The goal of the Oxyprogram is to create Oxytree plantations that create value globally.

Our clients, by entering into a Product Sales and Related Services Contract, become the owners of the timber extracted from the plantation, stumps and roots for a 1+1 cycle.

Under the Oxyprogram, with the help of our qualified specialists we guarantee planting, care and extraction of the Oxytrees. Our clients are entitled to take over the timber, however, our company ensures the buy-back option at guaranteed prices by demand.

Oxytrees give quality timber and in the course of their growth are able to absorb 10 times more carbon-dioxide in a given time period than native tree species, thus besides their industrial use they play a crucial role in climate change mitigation. By creating plantations within the Oxyprogram, we are taking serious steps to realize sustainable development.
You can join the program by buying one of the Oxyprogram packages.

* Gross price, containing turnover tax
** Discounted annual yield counted with the average timber 50 €/Oxytree + 25 €/roots

The Oxytree is a deciduous tree with unique features, a plant which is extremely useful for the environment protection. It is perfectly suitable for planting for timber industry as – thanks to its fast growth – the timber can be extracted already in the 6th year.

Oxytree’s quality timber is valuable and sought-after industrial raw material.
  • After felling, it re-grows several times so it produces yield multiple times!
  • The treetop and trunk is a high-calorific firewood.
  • The leaves are ideal for animal nutrition and fertilization.
  • It is a durable plant which which easily adapts to extreme weather and various soil conditions.
"Oxytree plantations create value: significant material benefits and cleaner air."
Ms. Andrea Tiborc
Director of Administration
Carbon Solutions Global