Green projects

We appreciate
the riches of Nature

Using our resources deliberately is the way to a clean future.
Today we are on the verge of a new energy revolution. The moment has come to rethink how to use our natural resources; instead of exploiting them, we are learning how to manage them in a sustainable way. It is time to embrace initiatives that produce renewable energy or fulfil their mission in an environmentally friendly manner. By helping develop these projects, we are building the solid and sustainable foundation of our common future.

Supporting such projects through the Oxyprogram is completely safe and fair. It is safe because we have a transparent system to monitor your trees. And, it is fair because in our scheme, each green project can receive contributions to the extent they have contributed or are contributing to environmental protection.
Support green projects
Fair support scheme
Under the Oxyprogram, green projects are supported in the form of carbon credits. This is what is called carbon offsetting. Carbon credits are virtual products. They are issued by projects that either produce renewable energy or employ innovative solutions by means of which harmful carbon dioxide emissions are avoided. Green projects are allowed to generate, and sell, one carbon credit per each ton of carbon dioxide they protect the environment from. The number of these virtual credits determine the extent of support a project can receive. Carbon credits are a tool to create a system necessary for the fair distribution of environmental support.
Totally safe and secure
The carbon offsetting system used in the Oxyprogram is the first in the world to have been certified by an independent international auditing agency, Bureau Veritas. This certification means maximum safety, transparency and traceability.

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Projects you can support
Wind Power Project in China
The Hebei Yuxian Project
This project is implemented in the Northern part of China, in Hebei Province. The wind farm consists of 33 wind turbines and generates renewable energy, which is fed into the NCPG (North China Power Gird), reducing the need for fossil-fuel fired power plants.
Although this wind power project is carried out in China, its positive effects can be felt globally since the replacement of polluting fossil energy is one of the most effective antidotes to global climate change.
Social and economic impacts
Many local families make their living from this project because family members now have a job associated with the preparation, erection and maintenance of these wind turbines. The wind turbines were manufactured in domestic factories so the project has also helped develop local economy.
Environmental impacts
This wind power project does not only have a positive effect on the environment but also on the health of local residents because with further reduction in the volume of coal-fired electricity, the amount of air pollutants and particulate matters in the air, which are responsible for various diseases, is also reduced.
"Our goal is to make people realise that living on Earth and living in harmony with Earth are not the same thing."
Peter Gaspar
Co-Founder, CEO
Carbon Solutions Global
Tasmanian forest conservation project
Gansu Anxi wind farm
Kale Small Scale hydropower project
Anhua biogas heating project
The Breathing Space eco-friendly stove program
Tamil Nadu wind farm
Nyíregyháza-Oros landfill gas project