Green investment from which you can profit, too!

In the ever-changing economic environment it is a legitimate demand that our savings bring tangible benefits. Predictability in planning the future is important to all generations. The Oxyprogram is the most ideal form of investment for the present-day people, as it is climate and environmentally friendly and also provides high returns.

What is the Oxyprogram?

The goal of the Oxyprogram is to create the Oxytree plantations of global value that ensures predictable timber yield and so a calculable profit, too. Under the Oxyprogram, with the help of our qualified specialists we guarantee planting, care and extraction of the Oxytrees. Our clients are entitled to take over the timber, however, our company ensures the buy-back option at guaranteed prices by demand.

Our clients, by entering into a Product Sales and Related Services Contract, become the owners of the timber extracted from the plantation, stumps and roots for a 1+1 cycle.

Whom we offer our Oxyprogram to?
  • Those, who would like the high-quality education for their children not to burden the family budget.
  • Those, who want to make sure they will have a secure and comfortable period in their life after they retire.
  • Those, whom reliable and stable financial growth is important.
  • Those, who value transparency, since the plantations are audited and are open for visitors.

Timber is a lasting value, and the market price of it steadily increases. The global investment trend is moving towards the environmental protection, for this reason keeping in mind sustainable development is essential.

Join our Oxyprogram, invest in the future!

Creating financial stability for the coming generation
Outstanding return through green investment
Financial security for a worry-free retirement